Muscle Stimulators

HiDow muscle stimulators massage, re-educate, stimulate, and build muscles and endurance for just about anyone — from your average Joe to a well-toned professional athlete. Yet many people still regard Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) as a TENS unit. The fact is, each has its function.

While TENS units are designed to interrupt pain signals, EMS units work to stimulate healthy muscles, improving and facilitating their performance. Put simply: TENS stimulates the nerves to keep pain signals from reaching the brain; EMS, on the other hand, causes the muscles to contract by imitating the actions originating from the central nervous system.

What are the main purposes of electronic muscle stimulators?

EMS units relax muscle spasms, re-educate muscle, increase local blood circulation, break up lactic acid, and stimulate inactive muscle fiber. Accordingly, they are often used to relieve pain, tone up weak muscles, and aid in the healing process. Any muscle stimulator you purchase from HiDow focuses on faster recovery, maximizing strength, and muscle recruitment.


How do you use an electronic muscle stimulator?

It’s quite easy, with virtually no learning curve. Just hook up the electrodes, place the silicone gel pads directly on the muscles, turn on the electronic muscle stimulator, and set your preference. Suppose you are coping with a post-injury situation, for example. In that case, you may opt for more conservative settings, increasing the frequency and pulse width and setting the treatment timer for 20–40 minutes, so as not to exhaust the muscles. You may want to experiment a little to make sure your preferences are just the way you want them.

It’s good to remember that HiDow electronic muscle stimulators are lightweight, portable, and efficient and focus on your different stages of relaxation and contraction. Within a short interim, you will know precisely what settings are best for you.

What kinds of customers purchase HiDow electronic muscle stimulators?

It’s quite common for people to use electronic muscle stimulators to address muscle pain. For instance, several Olympians train with muscle stimulators to stay on top of the game. Muscle stimulators are widely popular in the sports industry and are a staple in big leagues such as the NHL. Athletes – both professional and recreational — use EMS to prevent aggravated injuries that hinder their performance. Since it works evenly to distribute the blood flow, no area is deprived of much-needed nutrition.

But athletes are not the only ones welcome to use a muscle stimulator. Office workers, laborers, and everyone who needs a solution to relieve muscle pain can benefit from HiDow’s innovative devices.

What kinds of conditions are treated with a muscle stimulator?

A muscle stimulator may be used for both cosmetic and remedy purposes.

– Muscle Weakness
– Improving Muscle Tone

What are the benefits of a muscle stimulator?

For one thing, workout times are cut in half. You will likely see results in as little as ten days because muscles are conditioned for performance. The HiDow muscle stimulator contracts your muscles in much the same way as a workout does, meaning you’ll experience a feel-good burning sensation the next day. If your muscles ache, you typically limit your motion. With the help of a muscle stimulator, muscles are contracted, improving strength, mass, and tone.

You can also increase your range of motion. Electrical pulses from the HiDow muscle stimulator loosen tight tendons and muscles, helping with flexibility and evenly distributing blood flow to areas experiencing imbalance.

Even if you don’t currently suffer from muscle pain, muscle stimulators relieve stress and improve the body’s blood flow. Some even say that experiencing the effects of a HiDow muscle stimulator is similar to enjoying the sensations of a deep tissue massage.