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Wireless 4-9

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This is Hidow’s second-generation wireless unit. It was designed to give you an enjoyable pain-free experience without the hassle of wires. It allows for up to 4 different sessions to be conducted at the same time.

Included in this package:

– 1x Remote Control
– 2x Receivers (Numbered 1 and 2)
– 1x Lower Back Electrode Pad (very versatile but explicitly made to help the lower lumbar region)
– 1x set of large single-sided adhesive electrode pads (2×3 inches)
– 2x Electrode Wires
– AC Adapter
– USB Cable for Charging
– User Manual


  • 4 ¼” x 2 ⅛” x ½.”



The Wireless TENS/EMS is an incredible unit to address your sore, aching muscles. With the help of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, see why many people are making the switch from medicine to this pain management alternative. Since the 1960s, physicians have recommended this technology time and time again for people who are looking to relieve their pain without side effects and medication.

Unlike our wired models, you can use the Wireless 4|9 on-the-go. Meaning, you can adhere it to the body, and cover it with clothing without making changes to your everyday routine.

Trust the product that’s been widely recognized by major leagues like the NHL. With TENS and EMS, athletes can prevent injuries and keeps them on top of the game. It works by evenly distributing blood flow, which cuts workout time in half.

You don’t have to be an athlete to use the Wireless TENS/EMS. Everyday people from office workers to laborers have found that our technology help by reviving their energy, enhance blood circulation, and promote relaxation. Experience fast-acting relief with gentle pulses deployed by the Wireless TENS/EMS.

Protected by International Patents: US 9,415,217 B2 and US D759,257 S



Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 2.125 × 0.5 in

10 reviews for Wireless 4-9

  1. Dr. Dan Semko

    This is one of THE best therapeutic units our patients have employed for pain management and muscle strengthening. The ability to utilize 4 independent receivers with independent modes and intensities with integrated individual timers sets this unit at the very top of available patient functional units. Each receiver and transmitter can be individually recharged within a very reasonable period. The entire system is “user friendly” and the HiDow support is absolutely stellar.

  2. Robert Horne MD

    I am a physician board certified in pain management. I bought one for myself on October 2, due to a torn lateral meniscus. It has been very helpful and has allowed me to avoid surgery to have the meniscus “cut out because I can’t repair it” per my orthopedist after he saw my MRI. I have recommended this to many of my pain patients

  3. Sandra Strome

    I have the AcuXP-D And it does he job for me and my aching back.
    However, can you tell me how to order more pads as mine are all worn out.
    Thank you,
    Dr. Strome

  4. Brandon chang

    I purchased the tens/ems because I’ve had back problems for a long time I’ve gone to doctors and chiropractic doctors and they only help temporarily and are very expensive I am very happy with my tens/ems and would recommend to anyone with back or muscle pain

  5. Jack Meofffff

    the wireless unit is amazing. the sensation is smoother than any other model or brand I have ever used. I got one for my mom and I and we both have noticed a significant difference in not only the way we feel but the mobility in the problem areas we use the device on. its easily the greatest gift you could get for a loved on who suffers from chronic pain

  6. Ednah

    I am using wireless unit and it’s working well for me. The unit has 4 channels but with 2receivers (1 and 2). How can I get the additional receivers (3 and 4)?

  7. WaxingIllusion

    This unit is effective at stimulating muscles and does help pain management. Howevever, the unit’s abilities are severely limited, not that the instruction manual will explain that. My primary issue with this product is that of receiver syncing. You can have up to four channels, but no two receivers can operate on the same channel. This means that if you want to stimulate your hamstrings during a workout you will be dancing all over as both hamstrings will be stimulated at different intervals. When I called tech support it took them about 15 minutes to conclude that this was indeed true, all four receivers will operate on different channels and are unable to sync to the same channel, yielding that you will not have any pair of pads operate simultaneously. But rest assured thanks to their tech support, you can try to sync them up by timing it correctly.
    My other complaint is manual information, they lack all the modes listed out in the manual and you have to guess which of 9 modes you have.
    Overall it is a quality idea, but the product engineering is a bit lacking.

  8. Kate (verified owner)

    This unit made it possible for me to travel internationally again. It was easy to use on the plane (although I did apply the electrodes before boarding). The unit is small and lightweight and when used wirelessly very convenient. I would agree with the previous reviewer that the information manual could be upgraded and made simpler to understand. I have the feeling I’m not using the device to it’s fullest capacity. I have reduced my use of opioid medication significantly directly related to the relief the TENS unit provides. Thank you!

  9. Philip Johnson

    Received the HiDow Wireless -49 a little while ago and I have to say this machine is awesome, I’ve been using Tens machines for years but non of them compare with this one. The receivers holds a charge for a long time I got 8.5 Hrs from one charge on the receiver and the Remote last for I don’t know how long I’ve only charged it once that is when I first got it.
    The machine has 9 different mode and is awesome at managing pane and the remote setup is just perfect for me , love the large electrode pad works perfectly for my lower back pain.
    The only thing I wish the company would do is make a nice storage case for it. I highly recommend this unit you will love it.

    • Hidow Admin

      Thank you Philip for taking the time to leave us such a nice review! It made our day. We are delighted to inform you that we are currently working on a new storage case besides this one: https://www.hidow.com/shop/protective-case/. Check back in a few months, we’d be happy to serve you again.

  10. Kami Obman

    I love my Wireless 4-9! I also have the XP Micro and I have to say I’d be lost without them. I have rheumatoid arthritis and when I have pain and stiffness, I don’t have to struggle through it anymore. The remote is so easy to use and it’s nice not having to worry about getting wrapped up in wires from the Micro. Although on really bad days the wires are just fine. I’ll have the Micro and the Wireless turned on for relief. I wish there was a way to get the back pads on the hard to reach areas. I get pain between and just below my shoulder blades and I can’t reach to put them on. A vest or something to cover the upper, mid and lower back would be great. Oh the relief!!
    Thanks HiDow for your wonderful products!

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