Handheld Massager

Pain signals are the body’s cues of telling us something is wrong. Reacting quickly is important regardless of sudden or persistent aches because if left untreated, a simple issue can turn into a severe pain issue.

The difference between a handheld massager and a TENS unit

To reduce pain, you can use a handheld massager to temporarily solve the problem. With a handheld massager, you can temporarily soothe tired muscles as it delivers relief all around your body. But HiDow’s TENS unit is more than just a temporary solution to your pain. Receive long-lasting results as you manage various pain issues.


Who can benefit from this drug-free pain management solution?

People living with a sedentary lifestyle. If your job requires you to sit all day, your body can suffer from poor posture. Over time, your muscles will degenerate from the strain, and you’ll begin to feel aches and pain. HiDow is a therapeutic solution that can stimulate the muscles using the low-voltage current to your nerves.

People living with an active lifestyle. Whether you’re an athlete or a laborer, you can use HiDow for instant pain relief. But it doesn’t just stop there. HiDow helps your muscles recover, so you’re back on your feet again. It works by blocking your pain signals before it reaches the brain. With these pulses, your muscles stimulate the production of endorphins — the body’s natural painkillers.

Benefit from a pain-free treatment that’s recommended by doctors

HiDow’s unit is a portable massager that can effectively relax the thighs, lumbar, shoulder, back and hips. Using it is simple with its compact design that you can stow away for home and the office. Cure fatigue, ease muscle pain, relieve stiff muscles, and improve your metabolism.

A drug-free pain management solution

You can use a handheld massagers to relieve the pain temporarily or try a TENS unit. With HiDow, we are dedicated to giving people the luxury of living a pain-free life.