Digital Pulse Massagers

HiDow digital pulse massagers re-educate, massage, build and stimulate muscles for everyone from your average joe to a professional athlete. But many still think Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the same as a TENS unit. While they seem very similar, they’re different in function.

TENS units are engineered to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain, whereas EMS units promote healthy muscles by facilitating and improving their performance. In short, TENS stimulates nerves to interrupt pain signals; EMS contracts the muscles to imitate the actions of the central nervous system.

What’s the purpose of digital pulse massagers?

EMS units re-educate muscle, relax muscle spasms, increase local blood circulation, and stimulate muscle fiber. Because of this, they’re used in pain management by toning weak muscles, relieving pain, and aiding in healing. Any digital pulse massager from HiDow offers muscle recruitment, maximizing strength, and faster recovery.

How does a digital pulse massager work?

It’s very easy to use. Simply attach the electrodes, stick the silicone gel pads onto the achy muscle, turn on the digital pulse massager, and adjust your setting. If you’re dealing with post-injury, for example, you may want to utilize a more conservative setting. You can increase the frequency and set the session time for about 20-40 minutes if you don’t exhaust your muscles. Try experimenting with the settings to find your preference.

Remember that HiDow’s digital pulse massagers are efficient, lightweight, and portable. Every device focuses on different phases of contraction and relaxation so within a short time. You’ll find the setting that suits your need.

Who purchases DPM from HiDow?

A variety of people use digital pulse massagers from HiDow to take care of their muscle pain. For example, many Olympians use digital pulse massagers to increase their performance. Digital pulse massagers are widely recognized by the sports industry and are staple devices in prominent leagues like the NHL. Many athletes work with EMS to keep injuries at bay. Because it evenly distributes blood flow, no muscle is deprived of the nutrients it needs.

It’s not just athletes that are welcome to use a digital pulse massager. Laborers, office workers, and anyone who’s looking for a solution to relieve their aching muscles can find heed from HiDow’s inventive units.