Heating Pads

The use of heating pads works to stimulate blood flow. It promotes rejuvenation while providing you with the relaxation you seek. With HiDow’s heating pads, your body can dull painful sensations that offer instant relief.

Who should use heating pads?

Anyone can use HiDow’s heating pads for temporary relief. Whether you’re at work or the gym, a heating pad can provide help so you can take on everyday tasks. Depending on your preference, there’s a HiDow product waiting for you. They’re carefully designed for all body types ranging from small to extra large.

What is the benefit of using a heating pad?

The need for sufficient blood flow is necessary to recover the muscles quickly. Because the pads generate heat, blood vessels are dilated to provide additional blood flow to the affected area. With regular management, you will see the difference as you heal faster than the average rate. As a result, heating pads are typically used as an alternative to other remedies which provide similar results.


Does it have hot and cold preferences?

Absolutely. If you’re looking to relieve your aching muscles, utilize HiDow’s pads. This all-purpose tool is therapeutic, with hot and cold options depending on your preference. There are no batteries or cords necessary since the pads are easy to use with one simple push of a button. Refer to your designated pamphlet for specific directions, as HiDow designs different types of heating pads.

Are heating pads safe to use?

Yes, they are safe. Every heating pad from HiDow uses a non-toxic, safe gel that delivers energy while the crystallization process happens. In turn, it soothes pain and aches right from the beginning.

Who can benefit from HiDow’s pads?

Everyone can benefit from HiDow’s heating pads. For example, if you have shoulder pain, you can benefit from HiDow with pads perfectly designed for you. Also, you’ll get relief from your shoulders and neck as the pads are easy to use. Because they’re portable, you can use them anytime, anywhere. Also, every pad does not need batteries or cords to function!

What’s the advantage of using HiDow?

When it comes to muscle pain, many people opt for temporary relief by using a heating pad to reverse the damage. Such applications are easy to use since users place them directly on the affected location. Usually, a pad will require batteries or cords, but with HiDow, they work without such power.