Marketing Strategy (Wholesalers)
With decades of experience, innovation at the forefront, and an amplified marketing staff to deliver our message, HiDow is positioned for breakthrough success. Everything that’s needed to grow our company exponentially is already in place.

Franchise Benefits Without the Franchise Fee
HiDow is committed to growing our retailer network at an accelerated pace. Retailers who wish to get started with HiDow can dabble in the market with an opening order for as little as 36 pieces. This order includes promotional materials, such as 36 gift bags, brochures and flyers, and a detailed training manual with no other hidden fees.

Extensive & Interactive Success-Building Training
HiDow excels as a specialty retail product offering an “ooh” and “aah” producing a demo. When retailers come on board, the free massage demo process, muscle disorder terminology, the science behind the pulses, and the secrets to upselling, are all reviewed extensively at the retailer’s location or at a HiDow location, or through customized training symposiums.

In addition, a comprehensive and easy-to-follow training video empowers HiDow distributors to train current employees and new hires in the best techniques, rigorously developed by our national sales trainers.

Social Media Outreach
HiDow, in collaboration with our affiliates and corporate partners, is 100% committed to helping and educating the market on how to deal with pain. Additionally, we are dedicated to supporting community residents in avoiding other potential health problems, which range from obesity and diabetes to high blood pressure and ensuing lack of energy and depression.

Together with our partners, we provide weekly and bi-weekly blog posts and videos on far-reaching topics such as nutrition, physical fitness, diet, and wellness in health. We are also extremely active on all social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and send regular emails highlighting special offers, new products, and industry updates.

Promotional Literature
HiDow’s talented marketing team and project managers are creating brochures, flyers, and other materials to ensure that retailers and their customers understand the dynamics of HiDow and how best to achieve pain relief through proper and consistent usage.

Distinctive Yet Simple Packaging
A first impression means everything. HiDow devices come in clean, compact boxes that convey a modern, state-of-the-art image immediately.

All of us at HiDow International are excited about the promise of pain relief and muscle stimulation. We firmly believe that in the months and years ahead, the demand for these devices will thrive, not only from long-time pain sufferers but also from “weekend warriors” and fitness enthusiasts. We are primed to meet this burgeoning demand with products that are fast becoming the marketplace gold standard and are capturing the attention of retailers and customers alike.


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