Our Brand Ambassador is a powerhouse of a person who always puts their health first and is a total fitness fanatic. They’re a natural-born leader who’s always charging ahead and achieving their goals. Think of them as a superhero of the athletic world!


We’re actively searching for people to represent HiDow who are just as obsessed with the latest technology in muscle recovery. Work hard. Train hard with our products. The perfect candidate:

  • Is motivated about health and fitness.
  • Lives and breathes athleticism and would rather be at the gym.
  • Is enthusiastic about social media and is constantly looking for that social-worthy picture or video.
  • Wants to become a part of the family!

Once selected, HiDow Brand Ambassadors will get VIP welcome packages, exclusive discounts, commissions, editorial features, sneak previews of upcoming sales and promotions, and exclusive content opportunities. We take care of our Brand Ambassadors because they’ve earned them!

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