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Pro Touch 6-12

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Introducing HiDow’s newest multi-stim model, the Pro Touch Wireless 6-12 is a premium electronic muscle stimulator without the hassle of wires.

Now you can experience Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) on the go, during any exercise or workout all in the comfort of your own space while wearing any clothing comfortably overtop.

Strategically designed with state of the art medical grade and fitness technology, the Pro Touch Wireless 6-12 moves with your body while still stimulating muscle impulses and targeting nerve receptors.

-1 x Pro Touch Wireless remote
-2 x Wireless receivers
-1 x lower back electrode gel pad
-1 x set of L & 1 x set XL electrode gel pads
-1 x AC Adapter
-2 x USB charging cables
-1 x set of ear clips
-2 x 8″ Wires
-1 x User Manual
-1 x Warranty registration card

* Protected by International Patents: US 9,415,217 B2 and US D759,257 S


  • 5″ x 2 ½” x ½”


*Due to continuous product updates, screen color and the shape of the receivers may slightly vary from what is pictured.


Introducing HiDow’s patented wireless Pro Touch 6-12. This revolutionary model gives you the core 12 modes for fitness, mobility, and pain relief while allowing you not to be tethered to a machine. The Pro Touch 6-12 can run up to 6 receivers at a time (2 included), allowing for the most efficient treatment without upsetting your regular daily routine.
Are you a runner, RUN WITH IT! Are you a hard worker? WORK WITH IT! Are you at a desk most of your day? TYPE WITH IT! Whatever your lifestyle, the wireless Pro Touch will work, run, and go wherever you need it to while providing state of the art stimulation to relieve pain and increase your body’s performance. Purchase the Pro Touch, and you will know why we call it our revolutionary life changer.



Weight 22.4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 0.5 in

12 reviews for Pro Touch 6-12

  1. Gary Fortin

    It’s awesome, great control and Wi-Fi is user friendly

  2. Karen Imhoff

    The pro touch has been life changing. I’m more able to get relief from my back pain day or night without medication.

  3. Chita Qasi

    This product is absolutely amazing!!! I have an XPD s also, and I really love it, but I am loving this wireless protouch!!!
    So convenient, feels so good, and I have truly healed every body stress I had. Now I maintain my healthy body with your products. Thank you Hidow for amazing products!!!!

  4. Chita Qasi

    Absolutely amazing products!!!! We have used Hidow for years and just bought the Wireless Protouch 6=12.
    I didnt know I could get spoiled any furthur, but now I am! So super convenient this Protouch is!!!
    Thank you again Hidow!!!

  5. jacob.hogg

    My whole family uses it. All of my middle school/high school athletes, and their sore and tired parents. Great product. Sales person I dealt with was excellent. Couldn’t be happier with the product.

  6. Paul

    I was skeptical at first, I’ve heard of other devices in the past but what really sold me on this was the diversity of having up to 6 users, using 6 different settings at once. Registration was simple. The VIP program also gives me reassurance if anything should happen with my unit. The entire family is glad I got this!!!

  7. Bryan Ceasar

    I love my unit purchased while visiting Las Vegas, skeptical at first, my wife and I were in a horrific automobile Accident, Broken Femur, Clavical, ribs, pelvic, among other injuries. It has helped and allowed me to go back to work and provide for my family. Thank you.

  8. Gary Moser

    I purchased the XPDS 18 at a local motorcycle rally this past weekend and have used it everyday since! I used the device on my back and neck before going to bed and was able to sleep all night without the usual aches and pains. I especially love the gloves and the relief it gives me on my hands from all day motorcycle riding. I loved the unit so much that I went back the following day and purchased the wireless unit!!

    • Hidow Admin (verified owner)

      Gary, we are so stoked to hear about the relief you got from using both our wired and wireless units! We love to hear about your good night’s sleep, the back and the neck pain relief, and of course that the gloves are helping your hands recover after all-day motorcycle riding.
      Thank you very much for stopping by and do let us know how we can further improve your experience.

  9. Glenn Dunn

    I am a Medical Exercise Specialist and do a lot of hands on training to help people with serious problems and my job just got less painful.
    Long story short…
    …Being skeptical because of using the less expensive Tens units and not getting results, I tried the HiDow Pro 5 months ago at a Jacksonville, FL Senior Convention my wife was working. Luis, the HiDow distributor and Christian, explained why this product was better and was he RIGHT!! Being in a lot of chronic pain from multiple auto accidents, I bit the bullet and purchased the Pro model. Feeling my pains go away daily (which I was told to use it 2x daily which I have and still do) and held at bay, I can enjoy most activities again.
    I called Luis up to see if I could be part of his team to help others with pain feel as good as I do. To date I have helped dozens now get HiDow Tens/EMS units and get updates on their success regularly!
    Thank you Luis and HiDow for giving my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hidow Admin (verified owner)

      Glenn, this really made our day here at HiDow. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. We will pass along your enthusiastic review to Luis and Christian, as it always brings them joy. Continue enjoying the HiDow device and do stop our website if you need replacement pads. Cheers!

  10. Tony Caravello

    I love it!!! Been using it for a year now. We have 4 receivers and pretty much everything imaginable.

    Only issue is, we lost the manual and what we got via email doesn’t match up to the options. I wish I could get a copy of the manual and/or just buy a replacement manual.

  11. Michael T Moorman

    Been using tens units off and on for over almost 20 yrs. Bought wireless unit over a year ago and updated to wireless unit couple of months ago with pro belt and have been using it daily for over 2 months. Woke up with pain in wrist used the wrist band one day and wow. I work doing a lot of lifting and turning have crooked spine so I do lift correctly but older I get more pain . I enjoy not living on ibuprofen. These units work,and I love the fact I don’t have to deal with replaceable pads all the time. I do use one on shoulders once in awhile .

  12. Barbara Brausieck

    This is my 5th TENS over a period of 15 years. The PRO is absolutely the most outstanding. I love the ease of use and being wireless is wonderful. No more days working with wires hanging out of my top. However, I am one who loves it, uses it a while and then forgets about it. I have had a severe muscle spasm in my back for months. The pain was almost crippling at time getting up and down. I had an xray and a CAT scan to find the problem. Nothing showed. My husband suggested my TENS and I thought “Oh Yea, worth a try” – I wore my unit across about 3 hours, adjusting position a few times – The relief has been unbelievable. Today I have no pain, but a sore of bruise in the spasm area. I am wearing my unit again today just to make sure it stays away. To think I just wasted money on two scans – makes the cost of my unit seem like nothing. I am pleased.

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