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TENS & EMS Technology

Welcome to HiDow

Are you suffering from sore aching muscles, stiff neck, back pain, or stress?
Get instant relief in the comfort of your home with HiDow.

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Experience instant pain relief with a complex array of electrical signals from muscle stimulation that targets pain receptors.

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Strengthen vein support and increase bloodflow with compression sleeves and wraps designed to help alleviate discomfort.

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T.E.N.S. / E.M.S.

TENS and EMS devices stimulate your nerves and muscles with a current designed to provide therapeutic relief and muscle recovery.

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Improve physical performance with deep tissue stimulation that decreases muscle tension and promotes recovery.

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HiDow’s model XPD12 has completely changed my life. I have been diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia and severe Osteoarthritis and am allergic to all pain medications including baby aspirin. I also have Bradycardia and now a pacemaker. A month ago, I could not enter/exit our car, I could not get into bed our bed nor could I stand up without excruciating groin pain that would paralyze my leg. I was ready to give up when I found HiDow’s TENS. My cardiologist gave me permission to use the TENS …

Susan W. – Jul 20, 2021

Let me be totally clear. Your product is therapeutically a bonus. It works as advertised and does a fantastic job. Reflective of the product and the management behind the company, the customer service representatives were top rate.

Robert A – Jul 12, 2021

“I bought XPD 12 from Dulles International Airport 8 years ago and still, it is working perfectly. Every time when I feel pain in my muscles, neck, shoulder, lower back, it helps me a lot. I have never found anything better, easier, and more effective than the Hidow. Hidow can not be replaced! Thank You so much.”
Naser – April, 30 2021

“A few years ago I had a shattered arm, which resulted in a very stiff shoulder. Therapy was recommended and I was introduced to TENS. At a home show, I saw a Hidow booth and talked to them, and purchased an Acu XP Micro which I use for back pain with great success. I do not like to take pain medication for long-term solutions. When I had an issue of not being to trace a recent purchase, your Customer Care team took care of the matter within 12 hours. I am very impressed.”

Lyn – March 15, 2021

“I purchased the HiDow Pro Touch Wireless 6-12 unit and am excited about using it for the very first time. So far, you guys have been awesome. I received my free electrodes I was promised and can’t wait to start using my system. I DO find the videos on your site very helpful as this was how I was able to figure out the proper placement of the electrodes. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family. Great Job!!

Barbara – April 22, 2021


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