Micro Massage

HiDow micro massage units build, stimulate, and re-educate muscles for anyone from your average individual to a professional athlete.

A micro massage can have two different features TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). Many people regard these features to be the same, but the fact is, they’re not.

TENS units are made to interrupt the signals of pain to travel to the brain, while EMS is to facilitate, improve, and stimulate the performance of muscles. In short, TENS hinders pain signals from reaching the brain; EMS contracts the muscles to mimic the activity originating from the central nervous system.

What is the purpose of a micro massage?

A micro massage is capable of re-educating the muscles, relaxing them from muscle spasms by breaking up lactic acid and stimulating inactive fibers of the muscles.

Typically, a micro-massage unit is used to tone up the weak muscles, relieve pain, and aid in the healing process. With any micro massage unit you buy from HiDow, it focuses on maximizing strength, muscle recruitment, and faster recovery.


Is it easy to use a micro-massage unit?

Absolutely. The process is very easy, with no learning curve whatsoever. Simply attach the electrodes to the micro-massage unit, place the silicone gel pads on the muscles, and set the unit to your preference.

If you’re going through post-injury, you might want to opt for a conservative setting and increase the pulse width and its frequency. Use the timer for about 20-40 minutes and enjoy a relaxing session you have with your HiDow Micro unit. Try experimenting with your device to get the results you want.

Remember that you can bring your HiDow units with you anywhere you go. Because it is portable and lightweight in design, you can use it when you’re at work or in the comfort of your home. In a short time, you’ll have the results you’re looking for and more.

Who buys HiDow micro units?

Different people from various lifestyle backgrounds use massage units to relieve their muscle pains. Even Olympians utilize them for the big game to stay on top of the competition.

Micro-massage units are very popular in the sports industry with the big leagues like the NHL. Athletes, both professional and recreational, work with massage units to prevent themselves from injuries that could inhibit their performance.

Are their benefits entailed to a micro-massage unit?

Yes. You can cut your workout time in half thanks to HiDow’s massage units. Conditioned for performance, you’ll see results in as little as ten days. Because HiDow devices are meant to contract the muscles, you’ll feel the same feel-good burning sensation post-workout.

Anyone can benefit from this innovative technology for relaxation, enhanced recovery, or heightened performance on the field. Try a HiDow massage unit today to see a better you.