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” Stay-Pain Free at Home “

“Bob’s Story”

First and foremost, I appreciate the level of customer service that HiDow has offered!

The main reason that I am writing you is to tell you how the Pro Touch 6-12 has literally changed functionality in my life.

First, I am a 23-year veteran police officer who has suffered through a couple of decades of chronic lower back pain. The pain has increased over that period to the point of experiencing radiating leg pain to my ankles in both legs. The pain made day-to-day functioning difficult. There were days it made my job nearly impossible (we wear up to 25-30 pounds of gear).

I began to seek any treatment that could increase my quality of life. I started out by getting referred to a physical therapist, then referred to a chiropractor. The chiropractor was effective, but normally the pain returned within a few days. I found relief with deep tissue massage, but also the pain was quick to return. I received an MRI and found that I was actually a candidate for spinal fusion surgery. I have two discs that are budged and pinching nerves causing debilitating pain. Due to my younger age, the surgeon felt that even though I met the criteria for the surgery, it would set me up for a lifetime of issues wherein I would need additional fusion surgeries every 8-10 years.

I was referred to a pain management doctor, and I underwent two years of injections that lessened my pain but never came close to getting rid of it. I continued to use anti-inflammatories on a daily basis to function at my job.

Through a chance encounter at a conference in Anaheim, CA, in August of 2022, I met an individual who was selling HiDow units at a booth at the conference. The rep let me try one of the units for about 20 minutes. I should mention that while I was at this conference, the pain in my back was at a high level that I had not experienced in a long time. After 20 minutes, I noticed that my level of comfort increased greatly, but I wondered if it was just in my head.

Just wanting some kind of relief, I went ahead and purchased the Pro Touch 6-12. I used the unit while traveling back to Illinois from California, and I started using it each morning for about 20 minutes. Within weeks, my pain was nearly gone, and within a month, I noticed that all of my leg pain was non-existent. I took ZERO pain medication and ZERO anti-inflammatories from August to December.

I called my doctor, and I have canceled all injections for my lower back, and I have not been back to the doctor for any of these problems since using the HiDow TENS/EMS unit. I have also ordered just about every pad for the unit because it has helped me so much. Three people I know have also ordered units after seeing how it has changed my quality of life! This TENS unit has singlehandedly accomplished what no surgeon, pain management clinic, chiropractor, or over-the-counter medicine could do.

I want to say thank you to your company for this product, and you have a loyal customer for life!
Joe M. – Feb 2023

I purchased Hidow Stim and found it to be brilliant to use on various parts of my body – mostly on my lower back; the many features and the program times are excellent. I am cabin crew and tend to get a lot of back discomfort on the flight from pulling the heavy drinks and meal trollies. l always have the device with me and use it in the bunks when l have my breaks – it really helps me get through the flights. Not having wires is great. In the past, I have used battery-operated tens. They run out very quickly and certainly do not have the power that the Hidow has. Being a sports therapist too, I can say it’s a brilliant piece of equipment to have when seeing people with sports injuries. I would definitely recommend Hidow for releasing the stresses and strains of many body ailments. For me, I also find it very relaxing and soothing. Great value!
Sean O. – Feb 2022

“Larry was my customer service rep. Outstanding, helpful, and guided me through the process of replacement for a da device. So easy, and provided a linked video for me to sync my device. Great company – great product and service.”

July 27th, 2021, Joet D.

Everything was perfect. I had an older unit, so I was able to upgrade for a really good price. This product has really helped with my back problems. I can use it all day if needed. My daughter-in-law introduced me, and I ordered it while visiting my family in Hawaii. Great product. Helps those muscles relax. Along with my regular exercise, my back pain can pretty much disappear during the day or night. Thank you.”

August 6th, 2021, Janis P.

“HiDow is the best (shopping) customer service interaction experience I HAVE EVER HAD!
Larry Ryan is great. YOUR RESPONSE IS PHENOMENAL. Thank you for the “First Responder” discount. I used it as a Navy Veteran.
I received my HiDow AcuXPD as a gift and have used it intermittently for years.
I recently pulled it out and used it for myself and my elderly mother, who has significant musculoskeletal pain. It worked wonders upon the first use!
I went to HiDow.com to get more pads and accessories (which led to my interaction with customer service). I also upgraded to the XPD12 so that we now have two units to utilize.
I will be ordering the neck wrap and armband (to secure the control unit).
I can’t say enough positive. I can only say THANK YOU to you and your team. ”

August 25th, 2021, Linda K

“HiDow’s model XPD12 has completely changed my life. I have been diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia and severe Osteoarthritis and am allergic to all pain medications including baby aspirin. I also have Bradycardia and now a pacemaker. A month ago, I could not enter/exit our car, I could not get into bed our bed nor could I stand up without excruciating groin pain that would paralyze my leg. I was ready to give up when I found HiDow’s TENS. My cardiologist gave me permission to use the TENS as long as it was a distance from my pacemaker and my physical therapist showed me the proper placement of the electrodes. That evening I was able to get up without pain. Using my HiDow TENS daily for 20 minutes only, I can now easily do all of the above plus sit in chairs I couldn’t before, go up and downstairs, and ride my recumbent bike. It’s a miracle to me, my doctors, and the physical therapist I have come so far, and so fast when I was in such debilitating pain before. Thank you HiDow for making such a great product.
Susan W. – July 2021

“Let me be totally clear. Your product is therapeutically a bonus. It works as advertised and does a fantastic job. Reflective of the product and the management behind the company, the customer service representatives were top rate.
Robert A – July 2021

“I bought XPD 12 from Dulles International Airport 8 years ago and still, it is working perfectly. Every time when I feel pain in my muscles, neck, shoulder, lower back, it helps me a lot. I have never found anything better, easier, and more effective than the Hidow. Hidow can not be replaced! Thank You so much.”
Naser – April 2021

“A few years ago I had a shattered arm, which resulted in a very stiff shoulder. Therapy was recommended and I was introduced to TENS. At a home show, I saw a Hidow booth and talked to them, and purchased an Acu XP Micro which I use for back pain with great success. I do not like to take pain medication for long-term solutions. When I had an issue of not being to trace a recent purchase, your Customer Care team took care of the matter within 12 hours. I am very impressed.”
Lyn – March 15, 2021

“I purchased the HiDow Pro Touch Wireless 6-12 unit and am excited about using it for the very first time. So far, you guys have been awesome. I received my free electrodes I was promised and can’t wait to start using my system. I DO find the videos on your site very helpful as this was how I was able to figure out the proper placement of the electrodes. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family. Great Job!!
Barbara – April 2021

“I am a physician board certified in pain management. I bought one for myself on October 2, because of a torn lateral meniscus. It has been very helpful and has allowed me to avoid surgery to have the meniscus “cut out because I can’t repair it” per my orthopedist after he saw my MRI. I have recommended this to many of my pain patients”

Dr. Robert MD, November 2016

“My whole family uses it. All of my middle school/high school athletes, and their sore and tired parents. Great product. The salesperson I dealt with was excellent. Couldn’t be happier with the product.”

Jacob, February 2019

“We purchased the XPDS18 at a home show in April, and it’s been in use ever since.
We appreciate the many accessories for the convenience and effect that they offer. My husband has had great success using the Acuslippers twice a day, and he now has more feeling and more color in his feet.
When I use the lower back pad and the Acuknee wrap I notice an improvement in the amount of pain caused by osteoarthritis. My chiropractor has been treating numbness in my hands with exercises to strengthen my upper shoulder area and neck.
Based on his input, I now use the gel pads on both upper shoulders and also on my arm.
I’m sure I will be purchasing more of your specialty accessories like your Acugloves and your shoulder and wrist wraps.
My husband says you should make a “Michelin-man” suit with multiple electrodes for me!
Thank you for your wonderful products and offering your lifetime warranty.”

Marilou, May 2019

“I was skeptical at first, I’ve heard of other devices in the past, but what really sold me on this was the convenience of pain-free management at home. Registration was simple. The VIP program also gives me reassurance that should happen with my unit. The entire family is glad I got this!!”

Paul, March 2019

“I have suffered from Fibromyalgia, a bad disc in my neck, and arthritis. This unit has helped reduce my pain as well as helped me wean off some of the medications I was taking. I use it almost once a day for whatever is bothering me. There are many days I do not need it which for me is huge. I have postponed disc replacement surgery since I can manage pain effectively with this. It helps my migraine headaches too. Showed it to my Mother-in-law and she bought herself one since she loves it too.”

Paulette, February 2019

“I just returned from our vacation. I had anti-nausea pills on hand “just in case”. However, the TENS unit worked wonders and I did not have to take a single pill. I only had a little bit of nausea during one of the worst turbulent times of one of the flights. However, take-off and landing have always been the worst part of the flight for me. I am happy to report that I made it through 4 out of the 5 legs of our trip nausea-free.
Thank you so much for this wonderful product.”

July 2019, Happy HiDow Customer

“Provide soothing relief. Also used for migraine relief. This unit is a replacement for our initial unit which stopped working. I was very impressed by the customer service & how HiDow stands behind their products. Larry in customer service was very helpful & a gentleman to deal with.”

July 2019, Marty

“I sometimes wake in the morning with back pain which can sometimes last most of the day. The use of this unit helped after the first use. Even though it did not completely eliminate the pain, it made a significant difference. I have since used it on achy shoulders, knees, and ankles with notable improvement.”

July 2019, Cindee

“The HiDow Stimulator has been amazing the past few months having it. I feel better and I know that when I’m in pain that I can get relief of it quickly.”

July 2019, Tim

“This is one of the best products I have purchased for my pain.”

July 2019, Susan

“I purchased this product in hopes that it would help my neck pain as well as my other family members’ neck pains, lower back pains, migraines, and nerve pains. It works fast and has helped all of us with all of it and more! We feel so much better, and it is so easy to use. We take turns using it daily. It helps with circulation, too! My salesperson was so helpful, and I saw results immediately. I have already referred people to your product because it simply works! So far, everyone who has tried it has loved it! Thank you!”

Alison, February 2019

“The stimulator came at the right time in my life. Usually, I do not stop for a salesman that wants my attention to sell their items however the sales rep was very kind, nice, and inviting that I stop and I do not regret giving him my time. He allowed me to use the product on hand and I just had to have one. He explained how it worked in-depth and made it very easy for me to open at home and utilize it accordingly. My entire family loves it.”

Shevonda, February 2019