How to use

Directions for Use

Your HiDow device is engineered to recover muscle aches and provide muscle stimulation.
Many key features are carefully implemented on your device for a quality experience.

1. Multiple combinations of bio-electrical signals with variable frequencies
2. Realistic traditional Chinese massage (Tui Na) sensations and acupuncture technology
3. Portable, lightweight, durable design
4. Reusable, self-adhesive, silicon, electrode gel pads
5. Adjustable timer

1. Place both electrode pads on the area of your body where you are experiencing stress, stiffness, aches or pain.
2. Set the unit to the mode and intensity level that fits your personal preference.
Always start at the lowest intensity first and work up. Never start at a very high-intensity level.
3. Sit back and enjoy the deep, relaxing sensations of your HiDow electronic muscle stimulator.

Never place electrode pads on the following areas:

  • Sinus nerves
  • Throat or mouth
  • Temples or around the brain
  • Swollen, Infected, or Inflamed areas
  • Skin eruptions
  • Cancerous lesions
  • Directly on your heart

Extending the life of your electrodes:

  • Attach your electrode wires to pads before you remove the plastic protector cover and before you place it on your body.
  • Don’t touch the gel on the pads as this will reduce the life of your pads. Your pads are reusable so please don’t throw them away after use. Before you place your pads on the area to be treated spray some HiDow ion conductor onto the pads to improve adhesiveness to your skin.

Charging Your Device

  • The lithium battery can be recharged through both AC adapter and USB cable.
  • While charging, the screen in ON position indicates the charge, while in OFF position the screen is blank.
  • The battery will charge in either one of the power positions (ON or OFF).
  • The battery should be charged for 8-10 hours before first use.
  • The device battery is built into our HiDow devices and is non-removable.

HiDow Maintenance and Care

  • Make sure your skin is free from any dirt, oil, or lotions.
  • Before applying the gel pads, put a few drops of water on your fingers and rub them on both pads. This will help the gel pads maintain their adhesiveness.
  • When you finish using the device, turn it off.
  • Take off the gel pads.
  • Place the protective films back on the gel pads or place them on the pad holder.
  • Take the electrode wires out from the device and place back in the box until next use.
  • Store your HiDow device in a cool, dry place until next use.

Explanation of HiDow Modes

HiDow how to - kneading


Mode 1- Kneading: Simulates the thumbs fingers and palms of a real massage therapist. The
sensation should feel like a vibration. Focuses in on hypertension and stress and helps to break that down returning full range of motion and flexibility.


HiDow how to - acupressure


Mode 2- Acupressure: a much more rapid and focused pulse that focuses in on any knot or adhesion in the body. It puts enough pressure on it to break it down and release any acidic (lactic) content within.



HiDow how to - tapping


Mode 3- Tapping: simulates a second heartbeat. By tapping the muscle you increase the body’s
natural blood flow and oxygen supply to the target area. This also helps flush any inflammation or swelling in the target area.


HiDow how to - cupping


Mode 4- Cupping: This will reach in, grab, and stretch the muscle. Help to lengthen and broaden
it, the release it as it sets it back. This will help to increase flexibility and mobility of the muscle.


HiDow how to - hot stone


Mode 5- Hot Stone: relaxation mode. This simulates a regular manual rolling massage helping the soft tissue to release and relax.


HiDow how to - shuffle


Mode 6- Shuffle: This is a combination of modes 1,4,5. This is a great mode to use when cooling
down from an exercise.


HiDow how to - elbow pressing


Mode 7- Elbow Pressing: This mode simulates the massage therapist by pressing on the body with the elbow. It is designed to relieve muscular spasm pains on the shoulder and back.


HiDow how to - trigger point


Mode 8- Trigger Point: This is simulating a massage therapist by pressing the trigger points along meridians with fingertips. It is used to relieve fatigue, keep healthy and energetic, and to relax tendons.


HiDow how to - reflexology


Mode 9- Reflexology: This mode has been designed for the shoes. It simulates a reflexology session through the socks and/or shoes using several different stimulation patterns.


HiDow how to - auricular therapy


Mode 10- Auricular Therapy: This mode is also known as “alpha stim” or “microcurrent”. When used properly you should use the earflap attachment. It works 2 ways. By simulating an alpha wave in the brain it has been known to help sleep patterns, behavior, and endorphin release. Also, it will relax the suboccipital muscles and vasodilate, helping with migraines and headaches.



HiDow how to - micro current aHiDow how to - micro current b

Mode 11 & Mode 12- Micro Current (A) / Micro Current (B): These two modes are similar but different in frequency. Micro Current is well known as “human bioelectricity”. This mode is to prevent and treat diseases by using the current to increase microcirculation to the area. This can help with swelling, joint relief, muscle pain relief, and performance.


HiDow how to - muscular warm up


Mode 13: Muscular Warm Up: This mode is designed to increase the temperature of muscle ligaments and joints. It can extend the range and ability of joints and ligaments, also can reduce muscle viscosity and improve muscular contraction and flexibility. Muscular warm-up is a key to improve the quality of training and prevent injury of sports.


HiDow how to - muscular reinforcement


Mode 14: Muscular Reinforcement: This mode can improve the quality of training, help to prevent sports injuries, and strengthen the muscle. It can also be used to provide a suitable physical exercise which can accelerate the blood circulation of injured or atrophic muscle tissues and promote the protein synthesis so as to accelerate the rehabilitation of muscular atrophy.


HiDow how to - muscular relaxation


Mode 15: Muscular Relaxation: This mode is designed to stimulate muscles, release tension and promote overall well being through simulating an all-embracing massage.


HiDow how to - contract and hold


Mode 16: Contract and Hold: This mode is the longest contraction on the machine. It is designed to simulate a flex movement to help build muscle tissue.


HiDow how to - ramping wave


Mode 17: Ramping wave: This mode is designed to start out with number 3, tapping. It will get faster and deeper into the belly of the muscle as it continues until it goes to a fully facilitated contraction. Then it will allow the muscle to release. This has been used to increase endurance and build fatigue resistance.


HiDow how to - tapping and kneading


Mode 18: Tapping and kneading: a mixture of the fast and slow contractions.


How to Use HiDow Accessories

The attached PDF for accessories gives modes to use for any specific duration. Note that these modes are based on the AcuXPD-S device. If you are using either an AcuXPD or AcuXP Micro, you may need to use other modes, as all modes on the AcuXPD-S are not available on the other two devices respectively.

The AcuXPD-S is designed with 12 powerful modes that work in conjunction with accessories such as the AcuBelt, AcuWrist Wrap, and AcuElbow Wrap. They’re perfectly designed with the highest quality of fabric and embedded with silicone fibers to enhance conductivity for elevated relaxation and muscle stimulation.

Using the AcuBelt

You may use the AcuBelt around the abdomen, lower back, arms, and thighs to address muscle aches. This all-in-one accessory is designed to last for years as a replacement to electrodes. It is safe and conductive targeting your most painful areas.

AcuBelt Around the Shoulder
For shoulder pain, use Mode 4 and at your preferred intensity. Use for about 30 minutes and rest.

AcuBelt for the Abdomen
To address abdominal pain, set your device to Mode 12. Choose a comfortable intensity and use for a maximum of 30 minutes.

AcuBelt for the Lower Back
For lower back issues, use Mode 5 on your HiDow device. Set to your preferred intensity, and use for 30 minutes.

AcuBelt Around the Thighs
Issues around the legs should be addressed with Mode 4. Then, set to your preferred intensity and use for 30 minutes.

Using the AcuWrist Wrap

The AcuWrist Wrap is a heavy-duty material using the highest grade of fabric. Embedded are carbon fibers used to amplify conductivity producing relaxation and better muscle stimulation. Using the AcuWrist Wrap helps users suffering from carpal tunnel, arthritis, and joint pain associated with the wrist.

For wrist pain, set your device to Mode 1, choose a comfortable intensity and use for 30 minutes.

Using the AcuKnee Wrap

The AcuKnee Wrap is comfortable and re-usable with an adjustable velcro strap. It is used in conjunction with any HiDow device to relax and loosen stiff joints. Used to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation, the AcuKnee Wrap is perfect for everyone.

To address knee pain, use Mode 3 or Mode 4 for 30 minutes at a comfortable intensity.

Using the AcuElbow Wrap

The AcuXPD-S is designed with 12 powerful modes that work in conjunction with accessories such as the AcuBelt, AcuWrist Wrap, and AcuElbow Wrap. They’re perfectly designed with the highest quality of fabric and embedded with silicone fibers to enhance conductivity for elevated relaxation and muscle stimulation.

For shoulder pain, use Mode 4 and at your preferred intensity. Use for about 30 minutes and rest.

Using the Ear Clips

The Ear Clips are electro stimulation accessories which provide cranial-electro stimulation (CES). When used in conjunction with your HiDow device, you can address temporary relief from migraines, muscle pain, and more.

Your AcuXPD-S comes with a set of Ear Clips. These are sold separately for all other HiDow TENS/EMS units.


HiDow markets pain management solutions that include a Class II medical device that is approved and licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration, SA Department of Health, and Conformité Européenne. Side effects entailed to a TENS unit are very rare; however, our devices cannot be used by any individual impacted by the following medical conditions.

How to use TENS and EMS-Pacemaker and Severe Heart Disorders
-Epilepsy and Seizures

Side-effects to TENS therapy is rare, but if you have any conditions mentioned above, you should not use electrotherapy devices. You should also avoid it if you have the following:

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Cancer or are recovering from cancer
  • Any electronic implanted device
  • Plates in your body and/or titanium screws and/or pins

Important: Never place gel pads or accessories directly on your heart or the temple region on either side of your head. If you are unsure, please, consult with your doctor before using our device.

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