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Xp Micro: Mode Descriptions

Xp Micro: Mode Descriptions


HiDow how to kneading


Mode 1: Kneading: EMS
Simulates the thumbs fingers and palms of a real massage therapist. The sensation should feel like a vibration. Focuses in on hypertension and stress and helps to break that down returning full range of motion and flexibility.




HiDow how to acupressure


Mode 2: Acupressure: EMS
A much more rapid and focused pulse that focuses in on any knot or adhesion in the body. It puts enough pressure on it to break it down and release any acidic (lactic) content within.




HiDow how to tapping


Mode 3: Tapping: TENS
Simulates a second heart beat. By tapping the muscle you increase the body’s natural blood flow and oxygen supply to target area. This also helps flush any inflammation or swelling in target area.




HiDow how to cupping


Mode 4: Hot Stone: TENS
Relaxation mode. This simulates a regular manual rolling massage helping the soft tissue to release and relax.




HiDow how to ramping wave


Mode 5: Ramping wave: TENS
This mode is designed to start out with number 3, tapping. It will get faster and deeper into the belly of the muscle as it continues until it goes to a fully facilitated contraction. Then it will allow the muscle to release. This has been used to increase endurance and build fatigue resistance.




HiDow how to tapping and kneading


Mode 6: Tapping and kneading: EMS
A mixture of the fast and slow contractions.




HiDow how to reflexology


Mode 7: Reflexology: TENS
This mode has been designed for the shoes. It simulates a reflexology session through the socks and/or shoes using several different stimulation patterns.




HiDow how to auricular therapy


Mode 8: Auricular Therapy: TENS

When used properly you should use the earflap attachment. It works 2 ways. By simulating an alpha wave in the brain it has been known to help sleep patterns, behavior, and endorphin release. Also, it will relax the sub occipital muscles and vaso dilate, helping with migraines and headaches.