WIRELESS 4-9: Mode Descriptions

HiDow how to kneading
Mode 1: Pushing: EMS

Simulates the thumbs, fingers, and palms of a real massage therapist. The sensation should feel like a vibration. It focuses on hypertension and stress and helps to break that down, returning to full range of motion and flexibility.

HiDow how to acupressure
Mode 2: Acupressure: EMS

This mode is used for the points on the Chinese meridian pressure point chart to assist with headaches and a variety of ailments, as well as muscle and joint pain. Particularly good for fast relief of acute pain.

HiDow how to tapping
Mode 3: Tapping: TENS

A deep tissue massage mode gives a solid tap sensation. It is generally used at lower strengths so as not to over-stimulate the muscle. Good for pain relief, loosening adhesions, and improving muscle flexibility and range of motion.

HiDow how to reflexology
Mode 4: Foot Massage: TENS

This is the mode used in conjunction with massage shoes, gloves, and socks. Reflex areas on the feet/hands are stimulated and, through nerve conduction, then stimulated and relaxed various parts of the body, promoting overall health and well-being while providing a relaxing foot or hand massage.

HiDow how to auricular therapy
Mode 5: Ear Massage: Micro Current

This mode is used with the ear clips, stimulating the ear effectively stimulates various parts of the body, improving body function and promoting healing. This mode also helps to relieve migraines.

HiDow how to muscular reinforcement
Mode 6: Passive Exercise: EMS

This mode is used to stimulate muscles, inducing fat-burning movements that can be used over a period of time without the fatigue of exercise. Increased exercise and movement help the body stay healthy and able to cope with the stresses of life, as well as having a toning effect.

HiDow how to contract and hold
Mode 7: Combination Relaxation: EMS

This is a massage mode with an alternating pulse from light to heavy. Used to stimulate muscles, release tension, and promote overall well-being through simulating an all-embracing massage.

HiDow how to ramping wave
Mode 8: Unwind: tens

A soothing massage mode, starting with a short, deep pulse and building to a longer, easing pulse. Great for easing joints and a range of other aches and pains, as well as promoting blood circulation.

HiDow how to tapping and kneading
Mode 9: Tapping & Kneading: EMS

Provides an alternating pulse combining two popular massage modes for effective pain relief and massage. This dual-action technique targets muscle tension and soreness, promoting relaxation and improved blood circulation.