SPOT: Mode Descriptions

HiDow how to kneading
Mode 1: Kneading: EMS

Simulates the thumbs, fingers, and palms of a real massage therapist. The sensation should feel like a vibration. It focuses on hypertension and stress and helps to break that down, returning to full range of motion and flexibility.

HiDow how to acupressure
Mode 2: Acupressure: EMS

A much more rapid and focused pulse that focuses in on any knot or adhesion in the body. It puts enough pressure on it to break it down and release any acidic (lactic) content within.

HiDow how to tapping
Mode 3: Tapping: TENS

Simulates a second heartbeat. By tapping the muscle, you increase the body’s natural blood flow and oxygen supply to the target area. This also helps flush any inflammation or swelling in the target area.

Mode 6: Shuffle: TENS
Mode 4: Shuffle: TENS

This is a combination of modes. This is a great mode to use when cooling down from an exercise.