SPOT Spartan Electrode Gel Pad



Replacement Gel Pad for the SPOT TENS/EMS Device, suitable for use with all HiDow TENS/EMS devices.

This pad is great for stimulating the abdominal muscles.

It may also be applied comfortably on any other large muscle group, such as the lower back, legs, and arms, etc.


6.8″ x 7.3″ (Pad Only)

Package includes: 

1 (3 or 5 depending on your choice) Butterfly Lumbar SPOT pad


Buy in bulk and save!
  • pack of 1 $25.00
  • pack of 3 $49.99 ($16.66 per unit)
  • pack of 5 $69.99 ($13.99 per unit)

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Carry Pouch W/ Zipper $5.00$7.00
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Yoga Pads $49.00$119.00
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