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Introducing the best recovery package for yoga enthusiasts! HiDow’s Yoga Pads Bundle, at an attractive introductory price of only $99, is designed to help you get grounded, centered, energized, and strong. You may use it in the morning upon awakening and after a long day to prime, awaken, and soothe your feet. It’s also possible to use during your yoga practice at low background intensity.

The foot pads have built-in bio-electric stim (TENS+EMS) technology to help you push your body’s limits and decrease pain, soreness & discomfort.

Benefits of TENS/EMS Stim Therapy:

  • Improved sleep for everyone
  • Pain relief for sore feet
  • Accelerated recovery for athletes
  • Balanced cortisol levels = less stress
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Stronger ligaments, tendons, and overall feet
  • Energized feet
  • Better blood circulation

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 10.75″ (fits up to women’s foot size 10). For larger sizes, please order the foot stim pads.

A 2-year standard warranty is included for your tensmate device. Be sure to add an extended lifetime manufacturer warranty for just $25.

50% OFF Lifetime Warranty $25.00
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