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Small Electrode Gel Pads Promo

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We understand it is important to change out your pads for efficiency and sanitation, that is why Hidow has created a set of 5 or 10 small electrode pads at one great price, for your convenience. Get the most out of your device by targeting the areas that need it the most. Our Small Electrode pads can be used on hands, feet, neck, and more delicate areas of the body.

Suitable for use with all HiDow devices.


  • Two 1 ¾” x 1 ¼” Pads

*fabric color may vary



The Small pads are compatible with all HiDow Devices.


Replacement Easy Snap Electrodes

HiDow electrodes target muscle stimulation on points where pulses are transmitted to motor nerves and muscle fibers. The electrodes simply connect to every HiDow device where it can be placed anywhere on the body.  Our replaceable electrodes ranging from sizes Small to Extra-Large to address any parts of the muscle. In addition, we also offer hypoallergenic gel pads for users with sensitive skin. Feel free to mix and match the sizes to best fit your TENS/EMS preference. Because every unit has an A/B ports, you can use a small one for one outlet while a larger one for the next.

Extend the life of your pads with the Perfect Conductor Spray to increase its longevity and to enhance the sensations for every use. Our water-based formula means no oils or residue left on top of the skin. To use, lightly spray the Perfect Conductor on any electrode or body wrap and enjoy the solution to pain management.


When Should You Replace Your Electrodes?

  • When they can no longer stick to the skin.
  • When intensity settings are faulty and muscle contractions are uncomfortable.
  • When the adhesive is filled with non-removable dust, dirt, or hair.


We have replaceable electrodes ranging from sizes Small to Large to address any parts of the muscle. Depending on your needs, you can use a small electrode for your wrist while a bigger one is utilized for the back. You can also mix and match the sizes to best fit your preference. Because every unit has an A/B ports, you can use a small one for one outlet while a larger one for the next.

Either way, they serve the same purpose which is to provide you with relaxation along with heightened muscle recovery. Whether you’re buying these electrodes for the first time or you’re looking to replace your old ones, we applaud you! Now, you’re on your way to making a difference in your health as you choose an alternative to medicine.

Using HiDow’s TENS/EMS units have no side effects meaning you’ll only reap the benefits. Specially designed for portability and function, every unit serves the same purpose no matter the model. Simply apply your electrodes, adjust the device to your preference, and relax. It’s easy to use even when you’re on-the-go! Mix and match your gel pads today and see which is best for you.

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.25 in

4 reviews for Small Electrode Gel Pads Promo

  1. Warren Gorden

    I have found that they do not stick very well after a few applications, so need to reorder.

    • Hidow Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Warren. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. You might find this information useful:

      *Extending the life of your electrodes:
      Attach your electrode wires to pads before you remove the plastic protector cover and before you place it on your body.
      Don’t touch the gel on the pads as this will reduce the life of your pads. Your pads are reusable so please don’t throw them away after use. Before you place your pads on the area to be treated spray some HiDow ion conductor onto the pads to improve adhesiveness to your skin.
      Using the pads on clean, oil-free skin is recommended.

      Also, there is more information on this page:

      Kindly note that the electrode gel pad might also get an extension on their lifespan by freezing them occasionally. That might revive the adhesive and get you some additional use.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Johnny Sims

    This really helps with my concussion. Its great.

  3. Muhammad

    I love this product I use it all the time.

  4. Mary Chong

    no problems, although temporary relief they do help in relaxing and stimulating the muscle

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