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We understand it is important to change out your pads for efficiency and sanitation, that is why Hidow has created a set of 2 or 3 of 5 mixed sized electrode pads packs at one great price. For your convenience, buy and bulk and save. Get the most out of your device by targeting the areas that need it the most.

Universal  – Suitable for use with all HiDow devices.

Extend the life of your pads with the Perfect Conductor Spray to increase its longevity and to enhance the sensations for every use. Our water-based formula means no oils or residue left on top of the skin. To use, lightly spray the Perfect Conductor on an electrode or body wrap and enjoy the solution to pain management.


Large Electrode Pads: circular 2.4” diameter (come as a pair)

Extra Large Electrode Pads: rectangular 3 ½” x 1 ¾” (come as a pair)

Lower Back Electrode Pad: rounded rectangle 8 ¾” x 3 ½” (comes as single)


  • 2 of each size – Total 6
  • 3 of each size – Total 9
  • 5 of each size – Total 15

Need something to store them in? Keep them all organized in our zippered pouches for just $5!

Carry Pouch W/ Zipper $5.00$7.00
Elastic Hold-In-Place Wrap $15.00$35.00
Perfect Conductor Spray $15.00$48.00
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