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Lower Back Electrode Gel Pad

(9 customer reviews)


This pad is excellent for fighting lower back pain! Also, it fits perfectly on larger muscle groups, like arms and legs.

Areas of application:

  • lower back
  • biceps
  • quads
  • above the knee (for the most coverage)

Buy in bulk and save!

  • pack of 1 $25.00
  • pack of 3 $50.00 ($16.66 per unit)
  • pack of 5 $75.00 ($15.00 per unit)
  • pack of 10 $100.00 ($10.00 per unit)

Get the most out of your personal therapy session!

Universal. Will work with all HiDow devices.


  • One 8 ¾” x 3 ½” Pad



The lower back electrode gel pads are compatible with all HiDow Devices.

Replacement Easy Snap Electrodes

HiDow electrodes target muscle stimulation on points where pulses are transmitted to motor nerves and muscle fibers. The electrodes simply connect to every HiDow device where it can be placed anywhere on the body.  Our replaceable electrodes ranging from sizes Small to Extra-Large to address any parts of the muscle. In addition, we also offer hypoallergenic gel pads for users with sensitive skin. Feel free to mix and match the sizes to best fit your TENS/EMS preference. Because every unit has an A/B ports, you can use a small one for one outlet while a larger one for the next.


Extend the life of your pads with the Perfect Conductor Spray to increase its longevity and to enhance the sensations for every use. Our water-based formula means no oils or residue left on top of the skin. To use, lightly spray the Perfect Conductor on any electrode or body wrap and enjoy the solution to pain management.


When Should You Replace Your Electrodes?

  • When they can no longer stick to the skin.
  • When intensity settings are faulty and muscle contractions are uncomfortable.
  • When the adhesive is filled with non-removable dust, dirt, or hair.


Our TENS/EMS massagers are the game-changers.  They’re portable, rechargeable, and hands-free. Along with their modern design, they’re made to be low in profile so you can use them anywhere you go.

Simply connect your electrodes from the device, and apply the lower back electrode gel pads for instant relief. The device will send pulses that will travel along the nerve fibers helping you feel relaxed throughout the entire session.

It works by preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. As a result, the production of our natural painkillers, endorphins, is heightened. TENS massagers have been around for years, and they have been prescribed by doctors, pain management clinics, chiropractors, and physical therapists. HiDow products is a non-invasive treatment without the use of medicine that offers incredible results. Say goodbye to side effects that leave you feeling weak, and start with a pain management solution that really works.

When you use our products, you’re making a commitment to yourself in ways that could benefit your wellbeing. By now, you’re probably looking into purchasing our lower back electro gel pads which mean, you’re seeing the incredible results of HiDow. For that, we applaud you.

If you haven’t taken advantage of a HiDow device yet, now’s the time! Restore your wellbeing and heighten your performance today.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8.75 × 3.5 in

9 reviews for Lower Back Electrode Gel Pad

  1. Christina Standifer

    I love these. I use them up and down my shoulder blade and they work great!

  2. Shirley

    We use this on our lower and upper back, shoulder and neck back. Love it!

  3. Phil Clark

    This the only thing I’ve found to control pain associated with a pinched nerve due to scare tissue. Since the alternative was having a tens unit implanted, which I refused to do.

  4. suefergie

    I have grade 2 Spondylosthesis. I’m in pain almost every day. A few days ago I started feeling extreme sciatic nerve pain on my left side. I was unable to put any weight on my left foot. I was wearing the belt on and off when the pain got unbearable I would put it on again. Today I have worn the belt with the TENS unit all day today. I have been able to do just about everything Ive needed to do! This is a miracle!!!

  5. susiehuss (verified owner)

    I purchased the wireless unit in January and have been using these pads on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff and have nothing but great things to say about the device and ease of use of these pads. I was scheduling surgery when I was introduced to Hi-Dow and gave it a shot and have truly put off surgery and have gained back almost full use of my arm mobility and couldn’t be more impressed with the benefit of this device.

  6. Ed

    Works great ordering another

  7. Mary Manilla

    helps a lot..why must I review before she agree to sell me the itrem?

  8. Linda McIntyre

    I purchased my unit several years ago while on a camping trip in California. I finally got my husband to use it and we both enjoy pain relief. It is wonderful!

  9. Phyllis Jacobson (verified owner)

    Great for my back pain

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