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Ear Clips

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Reap the benefits of deep relaxation, and a better night’s sleep.

With 360 pressure points in the ear, the specially designed HiDow Ear Clips harness the power of reflexology to gently stimulate and massage the ears. Suitable for all HiDow TENS devices, enjoy this unique method of relaxation. Note that it is advisable to moisten the metal plate before use for the most effective result.

Dimensions: 59″ Length


For your XPD-9, XPD-12, XPDS-18 or any other WIRED device please choose the wired connection option.

If you have a Wireless 2-4, Wireless 4-9 or a Pro-Touch 6-12 please select the wireless connection option.


Enjoy the wonders of a better night’s sleep and deep relaxation. With HiDow’s Ear Clips, you can take advantage of 360 pressure points in the ear. Harness the benefits of reflexology as it lightly massages and stimulates the ears. It is compatible with all HiDow devices so you which offers a unique way of relaxation.

We’ve created this set of Ear Clips to address the pressure points, making ear massage possible! The HiDow Ear Clips are perfect for bodybuilders, athletes, and any individual with chronic pain. Still, you don’t have to fall into one of these categories to reap its benefits because anyone can use our TENS and EMS technology.

Whether you’re sitting at home or on-the-go, the Ear Clips will work wonders when they’re utilized with a HiDow device. Address shoulder pains, headaches, fatigues, and sore muscles using this innovative device.

You don’t have to live in chronic pain when you have a HiDow device that can hinder pain signals to reach the brain. Instead, our TENS and EMS units will stimulate the production of endorphins making you feel happy and relieved. Our Ear Clips are like no other. Designed for performance, the Ear Clips are used for anyone who’s looking to relieve the most annoying headaches and tensions.

Your pain management solution begins with a HiDow unit. Get yours today!

Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 59 in
Type of connection

Wired: XPD, XPDS, Wireless 4-9, Pro Touch

4 reviews for Ear Clips

  1. Tim C


    They seem to make me relax not very strong though.

  2. Bmc9875

    Love it very strong good I can control the intensity

  3. Terri Green

    These are amazing, my sub occipital relaxed relieving my headache. I did not feel them at first but then put water on the metal disk I definitely did!

  4. Hope (verified owner)

    Love them using them right now received them today. I love my xpd 12 I use it for after lifting weights. Now Ill try the ear clips for sleep.

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