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Step into comfort, functionality, and hygiene with AcuSocks. Crafted with precision, these socks blend stretchable materials, conductive fibers, and silver infusion for enduring comfort, odor elimination, and hygiene. Compatible with all HiDow devices, AcuSocks offer a universal fit and easy maintenance. Invest in foot health and embrace the convenience of TENS/EMS therapy. Bid farewell to discomfort and stride into wellness with AcuSocks.

Key Features:

  • Material Mastery: Unique blend of stretchable materials and conductive fibers delivers therapy across the entire sock surface
  • Hygienic Silver Infusion: Ensures natural odor elimination and provides antimicrobial properties for fresh, clean feet
  • Versatile Benefits: From toes to knees, enjoy soothing massages, promoting better blood circulation and addressing common foot issues
  • One-Size-Fits-Most: Designed for a wide range of foot sizes for ultimate convenience
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly works with all HiDow devices for a hassle-free experience
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple care instructions for long-term foot wellness

Customize Your Wellness: Combine your AcuSocks with a Wired or Wireless device. Check out bundle options in the dropdown menu.


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