AcuKnee Wrap

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Discover a versatile companion for muscle stimulation, relaxation, enhanced mobility, and knee support with the AcuKnee Wrap. Designed for lasting comfort and functionality, this wrap combines HiDow’s TENS/EMS technology with superior design, allowing you to enjoy a balanced blend of relief and rejuvenation.

Key Features:

  • Neoprene Comfort & Discreet Wear: Lightweight and cozy neoprene ensures extended, discreet wear, enhancing overall comfort during therapy sessions
  • Precision Pain Relief: A conductive silicone inner lining targets pain triggers with precision, powered by your HiDow TENS/EMS Device
  • Secure, Adjustable Fit & Unrestricted Movement: The Velcro patch guarantees a secure, comfortable fit, allowing unrestricted movement during therapy sessions
  • Enhanced Flexibility & Customizable Relaxation: Achieve heightened flexibility and mobility through effective muscle stimulation. Tailor session intensity for deep relaxation and relief, anywhere, anytime
  • Durable & Secure Design: Crafted for lasting use, securely staying in place during various activities

Customize Your Wellness: Combine your AcuKnee Wrap with a Wired or Wireless device. Check out bundle options in the dropdown menu.


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