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The HiDow AcuBelt relieves pain and sore muscles in the back and joints.


  • 9″ x 4 ½”


The HiDow AcuBelt relieves pain and sore muscles in the back and joints. Made with a panel back, it provides added strength and warmth to the back while the cool side panels offer breathability and compression. The adjustable closures permit everyone to determine their intensity level.

Using HiDow’s AcuBelt is simple because of the following reasons:
-Creates a low profile for unobtrusive wear underneath clothing
-Allows increased breathability around the back
-Contours to the shape of the body
-Simple to adjust and wear with Velcro closures

This belt is an equivalent to eight different pads that cover many areas without getting the wear and tear on the pads themselves. For optimal result, use our conductive spray on the pad and connect the electrodes to the AcuBelt. Choose your adjustable straps; use the long one for the torso or the short one for the calf and leg. Once they’re applied, set the unit on, and enjoy your device at whatever strength and sensation you please.

Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.5 in

7 reviews for AcuBelt

  1. Dylan


    I bought this with a ACU XP Micro, and I was impressed at how powerful it was, feels great on my back and my joints, amazing product! Just like the one my sports medicine doctor uses!

  2. Connie


    I wouldn’t waste my money on this accessory. Instead invest in more Massage Pads which are more effective. In placing on my back I really didn’t feel much at high strength until I lay prone and put some weight on it.

  3. James woughter

    I use mine daily…’s musclegasmyc!

  4. Randy

    Excellent product

  5. Lj Anderson

    Easier to use than pads. It is perfect for my lower back. I highly recommend .

  6. Merlyn

    I have multiple back issues and this belt has made it possible for me to reduce my chiropractic and therapy visits by more than 50%. I use this daily and when necessary sometimes several times a day. It took a little while to learn the best way to adjust and place it, but I love it and wish I’d had one of these years ago.

  7. Steve (verified owner)

    The belt works great and is easy to use. The Velcro fasteners used to attach the elastic belt to the main pad wear out quickly and should be upgraded to a more robust and commercial grade.

    • Hidow Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Steven. Glad you like the belt! We are happy to inform you that our team is working on improving the straps. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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