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1 Pair of Gloves | 1 Pair of Slippers | 1 Lower Back Strip | 1 Conductive Spray | 1 Acu Belt | 3 pairs XL electrodes | 3 pairs of Sm Electrodes

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30% Off Ion Conductive Spray ($10.49)

The perfect conductor helps to extend the life of your pads and provides an enhanced sensation. Works great with all our premium accessories: all wraps, slippers and the AcuBelt as well!

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50% Off Shoulder Wrap ($48.99)

The reusable built-in electrode pads transmit electrotherapy in an easy, different way. With the help of the HiDow Shoulder Wrap, the acute and constant pain of the shoulders is alleviated using electrical stimulation and soft compression.

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Hidow Acu Belt-1

50% Off Pro Belt ($99.99)

This incredible accessory is joined with TENS and EMS technology with traditional massagers. Use this belt with your HiDow device to send low, frequent pulses to promote blood circulation and achieve relaxation.

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Hidow Acu Knee Wrap-1

50% Off AcuKnee Wrap ($48.99)

This knee wrap utilizes conductive surface technology to provide pain relief and facilitate muscle performance.

It is an excellent electrotherapy tool with the added features of variable compression and support.

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Hidow Acu Gloves-1

50% Off AcuGloves ($38.99)

The HiDow AcuGloves have woven conductive fibers for the entire hand and wrist.

Designed to be used with all HiDow machines, they provide pain relief from hand and wrist ailments.

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Hidow Acu Socks-1

50% Off AcuSocks ($38.99)

HiDow’s AcuSocks offers an exclusive design to work with your feet.

Never worry about replacing your electrodes as the AcuSocks work longer and more efficiently.

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Hidow Neck Wrap-1

50% Off AcuNeck Wrap ($34.99)

The HiDow Neck Wrap is conductive neck gear designed to relieve muscle pain. Made from lightweight, comfortable neoprene, this dual conductive pad delivers low-voltage pulses as an alternative to conventional stick-on electrodes.

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