ThermoAir Wave Leg Compression Wraps



Step into a new era of leg care with ThermoAir Wave Leg Compression Wraps—an innovative fusion of design and technology, setting a fresh standard for personalized, on-the-go relief. ThermoAir Wave introduces a trifecta of therapeutic modalities—dynamic air compression, invigorating vibration, and soothing heat—all powered by advanced wireless technology.

Key Features:

  • Trifecta of Therapeutic Modalities: Comprehensive leg care with dynamic air compression, invigorating vibration, and soothing heat
  • Advanced Wireless Technology: Cord-free mobility for unparalleled freedom in your leg care routine
  • Intuitive One-Touch Control: Personalize therapy with precision using a simple touch for a unique experience
  • On-the-Go Comfort: Portable and lightweight, seamlessly integrating leg care into your dynamic lifestyle
  • Calf-Specific Rejuvenation: Scientifically designed therapeutic modalities focus specifically on calf muscles

* Wrap extensions available (select option #3 in the dropdown menu)


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