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The ultimate accessory for relieving tired and sore feet. The HiDow AcuSlippers connect to your TENS device, harnessing the power of reflexology to aid in increased blood circulation and the relief of pain and stress. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax.

The feet are stimulated by connecting the AcuSlippers to a HiDow device, relieving you from sore, aching and tense feet. The slippers also aid in increased blood circulation, stress and pain relief.


  • 10 ¼” x 3 ¾”



Whether you’re an athlete or an everyday citizen, being on your feet all day can be tiresome. Now, HiDow’s AcuSlippers are the latest accessory for addressing sore and tired feet. With this product, you can connect your TENS device to harness the power of reflexology and increase your blood circulation. Not only will you relieve pain, but you’ll also feel relaxed.

Using the AcuSlippers means no more silicone gel pads that can lose their adhesion over time. When you’re serious about pain-relief, this product is the best solution to replacing your electrodes. Simply connect the AcuSlippers to any HiDow device, turn up the intensity, and feel relief from your tensed, and aching feet. In addition, the AcuSlippers are designed to increase the local blood circulation to help you recover faster.

Using any HiDow unit means a lifelong commitment to pain relief. Attain the highest level of comfort using the AcuSlippers as it provides nothing but relaxation. But the science behind relaxation isn’t embedded on the slippers alone.

Every TENS unit is capable of interrupting pain signals from reaching the brain and stimulating the production of endorphins. Thanks to these feel-good hormones, you can relax your way to happiness.

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 10.25 × 3.75 in

5 reviews for AcuSlippers

  1. Jami

    I love this for my feet. It really helps with pain and increasing circulation. The only drawback is it seems to pick up lint easily.

  2. kay

    I have one of the units and I use it for my shoulders and my lower back it is amazing how it takes my pain away and relaxes the tension in my shoulders fell twice in the last 6 months and tore both rotator cuffs and because I have had these unit I am not going to be having surgery on them they seem to be healing quite nicely on their own

  3. Roger Moncion

    I had sore feet and bad sore heals. I just bought these slipper with my new massager and pads. I tried it once and my feet feeling good. I used it a two times after and now I can wear my regular work boots. My feet now feels normal. I don’t know why but this is the only thing that has worked.

  4. Jeff

    I have ‘restless leg syndrome’ (RLS), which makes it hard to fall asleep. 20-30 minutes with these slippers seem to completely relax the legs! Looking around the internet, I”ve found few studies that have investigated a TENS treatment for RLS, – surprising given how common RLS is and how long TENS has been around. The HiDow works so well I’ve come rely on it to the extent I’m planning on purchasing another for backup!

  5. Kelly

    I love my HiDow slipper-sandals. I use them for Achilles tendon issues after walking and exercising.

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