Runner’s Bundle



Elevate your athletic performance with our Runner’s Bundle – a powerhouse combination of our Foot Stim Pads, AcuKnee Wrap, and AcuBelt! Designed for runners seeking top-tier support and stimulation for their feet, ankles, knees, and full legs. Boost circulation, activate muscles, and strengthen your feet for unmatched running potential.

  • Foot Stim Pads: Propel your running performance with our Foot Stim Pads. Targeted stimulation for your feet and lower limbs, from foot to thighs. Boost circulation, activate muscles, and strengthen feet for optimal running.
  • AcuKnee Wrap: Protect and stabilize your knees during runs with our AcuKnee Wrap. Adjustable straps, silicone conductive area, and moisture-wicking fabric provide compression and support for faster recovery.
  • AcuBelt: Elevate your runs with our versatile AcuBelt. Stimulate various areas – lower back, abdomen, legs, and arms. Enhance circulation, muscle activation, and endurance. Reach a new personal record this season!

Explore our three customizable options – whether you already have a HiDow Device or need to add a wireless or wired device to complete your ultimate running experience.