March Madness – Power Duo

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Dominate the court, crush foot pain and recover faster with targeted relief & support. The perfect recovery duo for basketball players.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Pain Relief: Foot Stim Pads use TENS/EMS technology to deliver concentrated pain relief in feet, ankles, calves, and shins, perfect for common basketball injuries like plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, and muscle strains.
  • Enhanced Support & Performance: Combined Power. The Foot Wrap’s snug design offers targeted compression & electrotherapy, promoting healing, improved support, mobility, and performance for quick movements and jumps.
  • Improved Circulation & Faster Healing: Synergistic Relief. Both the Foot Stim Pads and Foot Wrap work together to enhance circulation and reduce inflammation, accelerating your recovery from injuries and fatigue.
  • Dynamic Recovery Duo: The perfect duo for fast relief of common foot injuries and pain. Portable and easy to use, allowing for pain relief and recovery on the go so you can get back on the court feeling your best.

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