Heated Pad Replacement (4-Snap)

Replacement heated electrode pads for our Heated Electrode Pad Set.

***Please note that you will need to have the heat-generating device from the set in order for this pad to become heated.


  • 2 for your heated device
  • 2 for the lead connections

Premium quality. Works best when held in place by the elastic hold-in-place wrap.

Buy in bulk and save:

  • 1 pad for $20
  • 3 pads for $40 ($13.33/ pad)
  • 5 pads for $60 ($12/ pad)

Need something to store them in? Keep them all organized in our zippered pouches for just $5!

Elastic Hold-In-Place Wrap $15.00$35.00
Heated Electrode Pad Set $59.99$99.99
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