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Our portable Pain-Less Pro is an old-time hero. Featuring various modes and an LCD screen, our Pain-Less Pro is definitely a classic.

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HiDow’s Pain-Less Pro provides pain and muscle relief no matter where you go. Whether if you’re suffering from muscle spasms, lacking blood circulation or even sports injury, our devices are dedicated to pain-free living. Our Pain-Less Pro is engineered to treat muscle aches and provide muscle stimulation. It has multiple combinations and key features to provide a quality recovering and relaxation experience. Our Pain-Less Pro is portable, lightweight, and equipped with a durable design that includes reusable, self-adhesive, silicon, electrode gel pads, and an adjustable timer.

HiDow TENS and EMS units reduce muscle inflammation. Nobody likes inflamed muscles because they can further lead to pain and discomfort. But if you use the TENS and EMS unit, they can greatly help with diminishing inflammation using proper stimulation. HiDow’s TENS and EMS units work deep within muscle fibers that’s why they are just so effective in reducing inflammation! So if you suffer from immense back pain or any other types of body ache, these units can give you the biggest help.

HiDow’s TENS and EMS units provide an efficient, drug-free way to ease the pain. They are specifically designed to ease the pain and discomfort you are in. By using them, you can prevent or reduce muscle atrophy or the weakening and loss of muscle tone. The contraction and relaxation cycle caused by the transmission of electronic pulses loosens muscle fibers, increases blood flow and stimulates muscle growth.

Since HiDow TENS and EMS units are not invasive, you don’t have to worry about abusing drugs or relying on them too much so that you can alleviate the pain and move on with life. With these devices, you can work day in and out and yet still withstand different types of pain because they quickly relieve pain and thus, makes you capable of doing your day to day activities.

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  1. David .w

    I I bought one two years ago it was real good I need another one .it was stolen

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