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Known as HiDow’s most classic hands-free massager, our Massage Mouse is ideal for office use.

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HiDow is throwing it back with their first ever Massage Mouse! Designed for easy hand-free use, our Massage Mouse is one of HiDow’s first massage models. Ideal for computer users, office professionals, students, travelers, and anyone who performs daily tasks in a fixed bodily position, the Massage Mouse helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.

Featuring multiple combinations of massage sensations with variable frequencies, simply select the massage mode and adjust intensity to your personal preference using the dial switch. In addition, the Massage Mouse automatically turns off after an hour use. The Massage Mouse also features “Massage Ears” as a document holder for reading support. The Massage Ears are easily removable for simple portability, travel, and storage.

While you can change your lifestyle, opt for mind-body techniques or acupuncture, TENS and EMS units provide painless, non-addictive, and drug-free relief to muscle discomforts. These units are designed to provide relief by sending painless impulses through the skin to the nerve or nerves underneath. The gentle electrical current is passed through electrodes which are attached to the skin where there is a pain. Then, the impulses send bio-electrical signals through the central nervous system, blocking pain receptors. Endorphins, or the so-called ‘happy hormones,’ will be released from the brain to act as a natural painkiller. These impulses stimulate muscles, increase blood flow to the affected area and bring therapeutic benefits to relieve different kinds of pain ranging from back pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, and more.

HiDow’s TENS and EMS units are small, battery-operated devices which makes it easy to carry it around whether you are at home or work. Their devices are perfect for people on the go. Now, you don’t have to stay stuck in your room, because you can carry it anywhere! If you are an athlete, you can take your device to the gym. If you are an employee, you can bring it to the office. Indeed, their portability is bringing convenience to those who use them.

2 reviews for Massage Mouse

  1. Terry brown

    When will this be back in stock I have one of these but I lost but I lost the wires that the pads hook to I need them all so how can I order that

  2. Kyle MacLeod

    fantastic product – highly recommend – Where do i order replacement pads ?

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