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Infrared Thermometer

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Handheld Infrared (IR) Thermometers are widely used throughout many industries and work environments to determine surface temperature. They are easy to use, point-and-shoot devices to take quick and easy contactless temperature readings in seconds.
Perfect for at-home use or for businesses.
The IR thermometer was originally developed to measure the temperature of an object where a normal contact thermometer could not be used, such as on a moving object, an object in a vacuum where time-sensitive readings are required or to measure the temperature of an object with limited access. Nowadays, it is successfully used for both people and objects.

* Backlit temperature display that could be powered off to save battery
* Unit Conversion: switch between ºF and ºC (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
* Measurement accuracy: ± 0.46ºF
* Measuring distance: 1-2 inches
* Product weight: 3.7 oz without batteries
* Auto shut-off: <60 seconds


Temperature range: Body temperature: 89.6ºF – 109.2ºF. Object temperature: 32ºF – 244ºF
Input Voltage: DC3V ( 2 AAA alkaline batteries )
Indication Tolerance: normal human body temperature (95-107.6)ºF
Within the range: ± 0.4 ºF Beyond the range: ± 0.54 ºF Object: ± 1.8 ºF Display Accuracy: 0.1 ºC/ºF
Battery Indication: low battery indication function
Display Function: Backlight LCD display and available use in the dark environment
Proper Use

Proper use is key for accurate measurements; otherwise, there may be a measurement error.

  1. Press the temperature button/trigger, and the main interface will display 8888C and buzzer mark, shown as “body temp.”
  2. When taking the temperature, the product should be pointed to the center of the forehead— the vertical measuring area should not be covered by hair.
  3. The distance between the product and the forehead is recommended to be about 1-2 inches
  4. Press the temperature button/trigger to display the test temperature value within 1.5 seconds: * Temperature values are displayed between 89.6°F and 107.6°F; LO is displayed below 89.6°F and HI is displayed above 107.6°F. The normal display contents include temperature value, temperature unit, and body temperature icon.


* Do not measure if high airflow areas, as the measurement might be affected.

* Do not measure in direct sunlight.

* We recommend taking the measurements 3 times

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in


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