Infrared Thermometer



Handheld Infrared (IR) Thermometers are widely used throughout many industries and work environments to determine surface temperature. They are easy to use, point-and-shoot devices to take quick and easy contactless temperature readings in seconds.
Perfect for at-home use or for businesses.
The IR thermometer was originally developed to measure the temperature of an object where a normal contact thermometer could not be used, such as on a moving object, an object in a vacuum where time-sensitive readings are required or to measure the temperature of an object with limited access. Nowadays, it is successfully used for both people and objects.

* Backlit temperature display that could be powered off to save battery
* Unit Conversion: switch between ºF and ºC (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
* Measurement accuracy: ± 0.46ºF
* Measuring distance: 1-2 inches
* Product weight: 3.7 oz without batteries
* Auto shut-off: <60 seconds


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