Back Heat Pack


The HiDow Hot and Cold therapeutic back/spine pad is the ultimate accessory when it comes to relieving back, spine and joint pain.

The portable pads are easy to use anywhere, anytime. With no cords or batteries to worry about, the hot and cold pads are ready for use in one simple click. To heat up the pad simply click the coin to activate. For cold compressions, this pack will last about three hours. The HiDow thermal therapy pads contain safe, non-toxic gel that releases energy during crystallization which is perfect for soothing aches and pains.

When you’re in need of comfort and relaxation, find a back heating pad to work wonders. They’re designed for long-lasting use as these reusable hot, and cold packs are adjustable to your comfort. It’s an incredible first-aid essential that addresses joint pain relief, arthritis, body aches, post surgery, muscle pains, swelling, sports injuries, and more.

Designed to contour any body part such as the hips, shins, calves, neck, cuff, rotator, shoulder, lower and upper back, cervical, lumbar, foot, leg, thigh, arm, and knees.

Inside every Back Heat Pack are one free adjustable back, joint and abdomen strap, and one back/spine pad.

For optimal results, use the heating packs along with our HiDow units to address your muscle aches and pains. We guarantee you’ll never see pain management the same way again.

Weight2.6 lbs


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