HiDow Arm Bundle



1 Pair of AcuGloves, 2 Wrist Wraps, 2 Elbow Wraps at more than 60% off!

Universal. Works with ALL WIRED and WIRELESS HiDow models*.

HiDow International’s Arm Bundle is a premium pair of wrist wraps, elbow wraps, and forearm gloves. This five-piece bundle will help your wrists, elbows, and forearms battle aches, pains, and inflammation. Use it after spending time at the gym, playing golf, or at home, after knitting, gardening, or other household chores.

This bundle includes one pair of HiDow AcuGloves, 2 elbow wraps, and 2 wrist wraps.
The AcuGloves are made with silver thread for their unique healing properties. The elbow and wrist wrap combine electric stim with compression and support.

Be sure to add a bottle of the Perfect Conductor Spray for conductivity and best results.

*Device not included.

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