3-in-1 Combo Set


The HiDow Hot and Cold therapeutic 3-in-1 combo set is the ultimate accessory when it comes to relieving back, neck, spine and joint pain. The portable pads are easy to use anywhere, anytime.

The ultimate way to relax and address muscle aches is with our 3-in-1 Heating Pad Combo Set. A $160 value all for only $130. Now, you can use it for your back, neck, and more! Whether you’re sitting in the office or going for a stroll, find ease with our heating pads designed to bring you the ultimate euphoria. No batteries or cords are required to use our hot and cold pads as the process is simple. The cold option offers up to three hours of soothing goodness while the heating option is one click of a button. Our 3-in-1 packs are non-toxic and safe to use as it generates energy for every use. Find a solution to your minor pains and aches with this combo.

Find yourself one step closer to relaxation and relief as every pad is designed to heat and cool. Devised for long-lasting performance, HiDow’s 3-in-1 Heat Pack is the best first-aid essential to address muscle pains, post surgery, body aches, arthritis, and more.

Our 3-in-1 Heat Pack will contour to any body part so you can apply it on the knees, lumbar, upper and lower back, shoulders, cervical, arms, and more.

For optimal effects, use this product with our TENS/EMS units.

Weight5 lbs


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