Muscle Shock Therapy

Muscle Shock Therapy is an alternative aid that is utilized for various pain issues. Studied by personal trainers, doctors, pain management clinics, and physical therapists since the 1960s, muscle shock therapy employs low-voltage electrical pulses to halt pain waves before reaching the brain. It promotes the production of natural painkillers called endorphins.

What type of conditions does muscle shock therapy target?

Muscle shock therapy is used by sports enthusiasts and fitness trainers to give them relief after their workout to help recover and relax their muscles.

Muscle Shock Therapy - HiDow

How does muscle shock therapy work?

Selecting a muscle shock therapy by HiDow is easy. Goodbye to the days when they were costly, bulky and available via prescription only. These TENS units will make you change the way you see pain relief: modern look, rechargeable, hands-free, and portable.

Using it is simple. Simply attach the self-adhesive and reusable electrodes from the machine to your skin. With the electrodes as a conduit, you’re making a circuit of electrical pulses that safely travels along your nerves. It’s painless and relaxing, to say the least.

Can you personalize the muscle shock therapy unit?

Many of HiDow’s muscle shock therapy units are customizable to your needs, and this is thanks to the variation of wavelength frequencies. Select from the different intensity of pulses as you relax your way to comfort. For best results, speak with your physician to come up with a setting that’s optimal for your pain management.

Is the use of muscle shock therapy safe for me?

Muscle shock therapy is safe to use, and recovery is almost instantaneous. Whether you’re an athlete or a patient, if you’re seeking fast relief or pain management, HiDow’s muscle shock therapy units can help.

Is it possible for muscle shock therapy to expedite the results of physical therapy?

Yes! You can use HiDow’s muscle shock therapy in between your workout sessions. And you can do this right at home. Every unit can maximize the results you receive from your physical therapy session by making every movement flexible every visit.